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Re: quattro-digest V4 #2709

> u-pull-it junkyard - this is a GM part - found in GM large cars
> (Cad-Olds-Buick) of 1990-ish vintage - entire controller box costs $10
> there. Take it apart, unsolder good (rattly) solenoid from GM board, solder
> junction, stripped gears in motor (use the GM motor - make sure you index

How handy (that it's all GM stuff). Are these electrically-controlled
air switches or air-controlled el. switches?
I've got a '91 and a '95 Caprice, both of which of course
use this fun stuff - when you turn/slide the mode selector there,
you get all sorts of vacuum whooshing noises. The design on the '91
worked so well they just had to change the dashboard to where
the hot/cold doors are sticky and often require revving up the engine
(>3k RPM) to go to all-cold, and unless one is told this trick,
one sits there cussing about R134... 

BTW, what other parts of the a/c are from GM?