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Re: 4kq coolant flush

Well, I have some stuff that I got from my old mechanic (German 
Performance), and he said not to leave it in there more than necessary to 
finish what you're doing and drain it and flush it all out until it's 
gone.  It's not from Prestone, although it's in a yellow bottle (aren't 
they all!).

I also heard that the stuff (flush) has some kind of chemical reaction 
that results in increased pressure in the system, which should not be 
maintained for extended periods.

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about, because I sure don't?!



Richard Beels <beels@technologist.com> wrote:
> Yeah, Prestone makes what they call a "super flush".  You drain the AF
> and then fill with water and that stuff.  Drive for something like 10
> hours or a week.  Drain and fill with just water.  Repeat 10hr/1 week
> regimen. Drain and fill with 50/50 AF/H2O.  Of course, you don't do this
> in the winter.......
> At 09:22 PM 9/1/1998 ,  PN was inspired to say:
> >  What about flushing the system? Any tricks? I was planning on filling it
> >  up with water, getting it warm, then draining.