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Re: urq G60 brake conversion question

I have the G60's as Ur on my Urq, and am thinking of upgrading. I am
interested that you go to them, and not one step beyond. Any reason?

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From: Fluhr <ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com>
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Date: 02 September 1998 16:30
Subject: urq G60 brake conversion question

>I was looking through my urq documentation, and found some information
>regarding the dual piston (I assume Girling 60) calipers used on
>the urquattro from 1987 on.  The part that caught my attention, however,
>was the specification for the brake rotor.
>The brake rotor for the single piston caliper on the urquattro is
>280mm in diameter and 22mm thick.
>The brake rotor for the dual piston caliper is 276mm in diamter and
>25mm thick.
>When installing G60 calipers on an urquattro, do I also need to swap
>out the brake rotor for the 276mmx25mm style?  Is this also the
>brake rotor used by all Audis with factory G60 calipers?
>My main concern, besides fitment, is whether the thinner rotor is
>likely to crack in high-pressure situations (like on the track).
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