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re: PSX or PC driving sims (little to no Audi content)

Tony Lum <tlum@flash.net>
>Which is better, the Playstation or the PC for driving sims?

Each have + and -...

I chose the Playstation. No upgrading hardware, I don't tie up a
computer which could be dloading utilities... Turn it on and play. No
patches or crashes. $130 for the system.

But the PC has better graphics (with a 3d card) and until now, better
steering devices. (Try steering a 300hp A4 quattro with a nickel-sized
thumbpad!) There are new wheels that are psx, n64 and PC compatable.
The PC allows for upgrades, patches (new cars, old cars, tracks...).

There are a few games that are platform specific... Gran Turismo is only
for the psx for now and there are some for the PC that are not available
for any other device.

I bought the psx just for GT. It was worth it. Period. Now I have my
little silver A4 quattro to putter around virtually. (A 1st and 2nd in
Donington Park today!!)

Hope this helps a little...