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Atlanta Audi Club Meeting Note

Hi all:

Just wanted to post a quick note about the meeting Tuesday night, we had a
great turn out - 10 Audis and 12 people showed up to gab, socialize and
talk shop about Audis.  Had quite the diverse spectrum of Audis taking over
one side of the Zesto's parking lot, from John Casara's V-8 and Tom
Saltino's lowered S-4, to Elliott Potter's 90 and Pete Kraus' 4000.  Even
had a Ur-Q show up which had many of us drooling.

Long distance awards go to Ed Kellock, who came down from Greenville, SC in
his gorgeous '91 200 tqw, and Eric Renneisen, who came down from
Chattanooga w/his SO in his red Q.

We had such a good turn out the manager of Zesto's came out to tell us
"this is a private parking lot, you'll have to go" before we told him we
were all going to eat dinner.  Big smile from him.

Sott Bermes showed up w/his new-to-him S-4, dark green w/ecru int.  Flew to
Boston and drove it back, nice catch, Scott.

Tom filled us in on the possibility of a track day at Little Talledaga in
Alabama, and plans were discussed about a foliage tour in the north Georgia
mountains followed by a picnic.  He also passed around a petition to start
a chapter of the Quattro Club USA down here.  John Casara informed us he is
moving his shop Autobahn Performance into more spacious digs just south of
the current location.

After a dinner of fine Zesto's cuisine (Zesto's, the home of the Chubby
Decker burger) we enjoyed the unseasonably cool weather on the deck.  A
good time was had by all.

If you couldn't make it this time, mark down the first Tuesday of next
month to join us!

-Steve Jensen
'87 5kilo-charlie-sierra-tango-quatramazamadingdong (for you ex-military types)