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Re: Whoa Nellie!

>I recently purchased a very nice 91 200 tq20v black/black, 122k miles.
Ah!  You have excellent taste in color and in cars :)
Flat black, or metallic(Panther) Black?  If it's metallic and looks ever so
slightly deep purple, that's Panther.

>Anyway, I was driving my usual route to Madison, happily weaving thru the
>"slo-pokes" on the interstate the other a.m. when I stepped on it in 4th
>and all of the sudden at almost full boost the car started bucking like the
>fuel pump was cutting out. Scared/startled the
>s**t out of me. I obviously backed off immediately, tested it a couple of
>minutes later and the same thing ! What gives ? would it be a bad fool
>pump? Waste Gate Freq Valve ? Vacuum leak? BTW, in the 20v's is it supposed
When the WGFV dies, you get 1.4 bar boost, which is the lowest the
wastegate, when open full, can limit boost to.  The ECU only controls boost
from 1.4 bar to 1.83 bar.

Here's the first guess.  Check the michellin-man hose; I had similar
behavior from my 5000CST when the hose went.  Pull it off the car(very
easy.)  Clean+inspect throughout.  My bet is you'll find a nice big split.
The split stays closed during idle/non-boost, but opens up under boost and
causes stalling because(among other things) all the metered air escaping.

Doesn't sound like fool pump; does yours make a fair amount of noise?  The
more noise, the closer to death's door it is...a soft buzzing is totally

>to kill the engine; like on my previous 5000tq when you remove the oil
>filler cap? My engine idle fluctuates a little and then remains normal when
>I remove mine.
If the car stalls, that signals other leaks.  Your 200q20v, being several
years younger, has not had the chance to develop nearly as many annoying
The return-to-normal is the ECU compensating with the ISV and other
expensive doo-dads :)

>Sorry about all the questions, but all you folks out there are like the
>Borg (Star Trek) the collective of all this awesome audi whizdom  :-) I was
>at Blackhawk Farms the other weekend, anybody on the net that was there.
>Great to meet and talk quats !

Join the 200q20v list!  Yes, we're just so wicked awesome we have our very
own splinter group :)  Frequented by the likes of Ned Richtie, Chris
Miller, Sarge, myself, Rob Winchell, and other grand listers.

91 200q20v (Panther Black/Black)

Brett Dikeman
Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt.  Qui annus est?
Te audire non possum.  Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.
Ita, scio hunc 'sig file' veterem fieri.