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[gti-vr6] Subaru WRX Coming to America (No VW/Audi Content, though , you'll love it anyway)

Hi All,

	I definitely agree with Robert! Here in Lafayette, IN,  
Sube doos are virtually everywhere; my neighbors have it, my instructors
have it, and my friends have it : )

'87 5kcst

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   Don't forget that Subaru does not enjoy the kind of following in the US
   it does in Europe and Japan. In the US, it is kind of unknown and
   boring. Ask US buyers, even some car geeks, and all they know of is the

Well, here in NE (New England and/or North East, your choice), Subaru
is very well known. They are a solid, reliable (and yes, definitely
boring) marque (although your typical Subie owner would think of them
as just cars). They owned a very nice little niche of practical, af-
fordable (solid, reliable, boring, blah, blah, blah) little 4WD "cars"
(the "Brat" was *NOT* a truck, disirregardless of how the RMV may have
licensed/registered them...) that basically always got you where you
wanted to go, weather (snow) notwithstanding. (Parenthetically, I'll
add that it was fun to go Porsche-hunting in snow storms with my
little 4WD wagon that on good days couldn't get out of its own way if
it jumped off of a cliff...). This substantially predated the Quattro.