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Re: No slouch

In message <5ff91568.35ee0faf@aol.com> FBFISH@aol.com writes:

> Phil- Not having had the opportunity to drive an Urq, I,m not sure of your
> reference, but if you have driven Rogers V8, we can relate. The 5 speed auto
> makes a rather significant diference of the line. I can't say much about top
> speed since the electronic limiter has not yet been disabled. I can say that
> again the 5 speed gets you to the limit much faster than my 3.7 L V8. I can't
> say the A8 handles better at speed, which bothers me. Tires?

I drove Roger's V8 for a week, but I didn't really get a chance to
throit around very much.  Compared with a late model ur-quattro, it
sucked performance-wise.  I'd much rather have a manual 200TQ.

It _did_ seem to be the handling that let the A8 down.  It is a big car,
of course, and would still probably see off anything in its size class.

Roger currently has his 200TQ back, and is also running an MB
ur-quattro, a WR ur-quattro, a 1990 Coupe GT and the V8 on a daily basis
for debugging purposes.  I'll try and get him to write down his opinions
of them all. He only has a small house on a housing estate, and probably
has more living space parked on the drive and the street outside than he
has in the house.  When John Robinson and I turned up the other Tuesday
to look at John's fuel problems, it looked like an area meeting.

 Phil Payne
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