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Re: Old Tech

In message <bd35c70.35ed3fbe@aol.com> QSHIPQ@aol.com writes:

> I might disagree somewhat, in that the engine is driven by many on the street
> in 2.0 liter GTI motors.  Though taller, the configuration is the same and
> over 15years old.

Uh huh.  Two injectors per cylinder?  External head bolts?

> "Less than 10%"?  I might take you up on that, it IS an A4 after all.  The
> heated glass is even used, for your misty venues, Phil.  The basics to the
> suspension are the same "technology" as the road A4, just lightweight race
> components vs the road car.

All of the suspension components have aerofoil cross-sections.   I've
never seen that on _any_ road car.  The rules produce some wierd
effects - the interior is pure race car, apart from a stock A4
column switch assembly, with working indicators and parking lights.

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