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Re: 84 CGT no start

The car cranks with no hint of firing. The Haynes had some diagrams for
80-82 cars, but if I am not wrong, didn't the 84 coupe get a new FI system?
I assume that would mean new wires. There was no mention of later cars at
all. Anyway, it ended up being a failing ignition switch, but thanks for
your response.


Huw Powell wrote:

hat cheesy little Haynes still has an almost complete wiring diagram.

> Follow it around from the ign switch to the things that are working (the
> ones you mention run off the Load Reduction Relay) and the things that
> aren't, maybe you will find a few "hot spots" worth digging into and
> checking for continuity.  You don't mention if the car cranks or just
> does nothing?
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