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Re: RedLine Water Wetter Question

Don't use it in an Audi. It does not mix well with the Audi coolant. It
creates little slimey, oily brown "balls"... and makes a mess of the
coolant tank/system. I've BTDT. I had the system flushed, and cleaned out
the tank... so I hope all is okay going forward (i.e. no long term
effects/harm). So far, so good.... :-)

I have used it in the past in "other" cars that use regular
anti-freeze/coolant, and it worked okay... with no oily, messy residue. But
with the Audi coolant, it was a disaster.

Others on the list have agreed. Search the archives for corroborating

At 10:49 PM 9/2/98 -0700, Peter Biernacki wrote:
>Does anyone have any real world experience using RedLine's Water Wetter
>product in a car that's used as a daily driver (NOT a race car)?
>According to the product's literature adding Water Wetter to a mixture of
>50%/50% antifreeze & water will result in temperature reduction of about 8
>degrees F.  The really big temperature reductions seem to occur using
>Water Wetting with straight water and no antifreeze.  However this is not
>recommended by RedLine for a daily driver car, and they suggest using
>15-20% antifreeze and 80-85% water with Water Wetter.  Since no car
>manufacturer I have ever heard of has ever recommended anything less than
>50%/50% antifreeze & water mix, I am curious if anyone has ever gone the
>RedLine route?
      Jim Griffin