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Re: FS 1970 911S 6k orig

 -=> Quoting Kevin Baisley <=-

 KB> I am in need of advice from all of you collectors. My father wants to
 KB> sell his child, It's a 1970 911S with 6,500 ORIGINAL MILES. The car has
 KB> never been registered. It has not left the garage since 1971. The car

     First thing you have to do is buy the Hemmings Motor
     News to get a feel for the price.  Low mileage cars
     have to be desirable (the 911 definitly is) on
     their own right, then you have added value from
     the low mileage.  It might be worthwhile to invest
     in a bumper to bumper service, changing the rotted
     bushings, seals, and leaking gaskets etc. that
     will definitly be present in a car that sat for
     so long.  This might get a little expensive, but
     makes the car much easier to sell, since you won't
     get tire kickers finding a mirad of faults trying
     to get the price down.

     I saw a similar car (911, silver) at a shop about a
     year ago, it was relatively expensive to get it back
     in working order after being in a coma for 20+ years.
     Brakes were all seized, clutch sticking, bearings
     dryed out, etc.  Spent about a month on the lift.

     There has been mention on a 911 mailing list here
     on the Qlist, is there is such an animal they can
     be of much more help, anyone want to send him the
     sub. info?

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