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Re: Subaru note (thank you)

   Well, I can't tell if you people like them, hate them, respect from afar, or
   are suppressing admiration? For what it's worth, back in '84 while driving her
   '83 Subaru wagon, my mom was T-boned (driver's side, B-pillar) by some
   license-suspended kid who witnesses say was going at least 70 mph on a
   residential street; a whole block from our front door. An hour later, the jaws
   of life wielding firefighter freed her so she could spend many months in the
   hospital. Most everyone applauded the Subaru's strength, and couldn't believe
   she even lived. Would a different car been even better? Perhaps...But, I'd
   like to thank that Subie for taking one hell of a beating and protecting it's
   driver back when front wheel drive was laughed at, and "'japs" only built
   VCR's. BTW, the accident was ruled her fault for pulling in front of someone-
   regardless of their speed. The kid and his sister were fine. Late 70's US car-
   similar to the Starsky and Hutch car- whatever it was.
   -thanks for the BW and I promise Audi content soon!

My "Audi" content -- Subie's are what originally turned me on to the
advantages/potential of "AWD" (non-"Truck" 4WD of all variants). I
"migrated" to Audi mostly due to the "higher performance" *potential*
(little did I know how much effort would be required on *my* part to
actually *realize* that potential in the US-spec...) Ur Quattro.

Subies are great cars. Audis are arguably better cars. If I'm gonna
get in an accident, the Audi is the hands-down winner. If we're
talking overall "refinement", the Audi is the hands-down winner. If
we're talking "high performance" (aka "spirited driving", etc.), the
Audi has the edge -- here in the Colonies (U.S.A.), anyways (and dis-
regarding some high-$ cars, like the Carerra-4, etc.). If we're
talking about "start every time, winter, summer, boring year after
year, will always get me to the gocery store for food and the auto
parts store to keep my more-interesting cars running, my bet's on the
Subie, but I'm *hoping* my new A4 holds up to my *hopes* . . .