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Re: FS 1970 911S 6k orig Miles

Out of curiousity (aka "work avoidance syndrome"):

   I am in need of advice from all of you collectors. My father wants to sell
   his child, It's a 1970 911S with 6,500 ORIGINAL MILES. The car has never
   been registered. It has not left the garage since 1971. The car was not

How did it accumlate 6500 miles without ever being registered? This
usually means offroad or "racetrack" mileage . . .

   prepared for long term storage so the injection and seals are probally in
   need of replacement. The car was just open last week and still smells like a

Let's see, nigh-on 30 years of SoCal dilute hydrocloric acid, sulfuric
acid, and all that other nastiness jokingly referred to as "air", pos-
sibly with salt thrown in too (if you live on the coast, say, in Palos
Verde or Malibu or...) will have turned every piece of "rubber" (tires,
weatherstripping, seals, gaskets, bushings, etc., and so forth) into
bakelite. You are looking at a *major* cleanup/restoration/update/re-
build effort, major $ to do it right. (I suspect, not actually having the
car at hand to inspect...) Probably lots of engine pieces have cold-
welded themselves together, where they haven't rusted.

A lot of work, I suspect . . .

   brand new car. It even has the original tires with the nipples on them. The
   car has not been in the rain or any damage of any kind. My father is getting
   old and has deceided to sell.

   He would like to see it go to a collector or some one that would cherish the
   car as much as he has. It is Stop Light Green with  black leather. ( I do
   not know the Factory color term !!! ) The car is beyond concours.

   How can I determine a fair price for my father ? Any help from you out there
   would be of great help. Thanks for all the help this list has provided me
   over the past year or so.

Now, don't get me wrong...while I won't go so far as to say I'd kill for
that car, I would certainly be willing to engage in substantial rape,
pillage, and plunder for it!

I think you will not realize anything near "concours" value for it, 'cuz
it really ain't anywhere nears concours as far as a fully functional 911S
is concerned (not after sitting for 30 years).

A "concours" body/chassis/etc. is an incredible find; all the other stuff
(tires, bushings, seals, etc.) is "easy" to deal with. This sounds like
a *creampuff* of a project car.

I've forwarded your original email off to a Porschealholic friend of
mine, to see if he has any words of wisdom for you. The Porsche Club
would be a good starting point for selling it, you'll find just the right
kind of fanatic there . . .