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New shocks and springs for my '88 5000TQ

Hi everyone,
	Last week I had some suspension work done at 2Bennet and am very happy with
the results. I had them instal H&R lowering springs and Koni shocks set at
50%. I have only one word to describe it WOW! My car handles awesome now. It
feels solid and rips turns like the car should. If any of you were hesitating
to lower your car or get stiff shocks don't. The springs lowered the car 1.5"
and it looks awesome and handles great because of the lowering.  It was worth
the money. As for 2Bennet they were very professional and did great work. They
also got all the work completed in 1 day as promised.  These guys were so easy
to work with that I feel very comfortable recommending them to anyone.

Howard Dinits