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Re: Engine bay washing

Hairy green toads from Mars made Shane East say:

> What's the best way to wash everything under the hood? I'll be going to a
> do-it -yourself car wash that has those power nozzles. No, I've never done
> this before.
> 	>Someone recommended green gunk, if I recall. Is it better than Simple Green?
> 	>What components must be covered so it will start? Any tips better than bread bags?
> 	>Should different components get different cleansers?
> 	>Towel dry, or Highway dry?
> 	>what products do I buy to make that homemade silicone-spray protectant?

I used the Green Gunk. Takes off almost everything won't damage
wires or belts like solvent-based engine cleaners.

If you spray the car, be prepared to push it out of the wash bay.
Wires don't like dampness :-)


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