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Re: team door handle

 -=> Quoting Mhliggins <=-

 Mh> getting to the outside door handles......
 Mh> To get the parts changed you're going to take the inside panel off
 Mh> the  door,

     Not really.  You have to remove the chrome piece from
     the outside of the handle, pop the rubber grommet
     off from the side of the door, remove the screws
     (magnetic screwdriver a must), pull handle out
     and pry off the plastic/teflon ball linkage off.
     Installing is a little difficult the first time,
     pushing the ball linkage back on requires a little
     finesse.  Only make sure you hook the linkage
     up correctly, as it's easy to install the linkage
     on backwards.  Don't forget to put the plastic
     handle gaskets back either.


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