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Re: belt quest

>  Today I stopped at a nearby Bosch
> parts supply and bought the belt they had listed for the '91 200q hydraulic
> pump. They sold me a Contitech belt (made in Germany) that is 13 X 996.
> However, when I checked the manual and the Bentley, the belt is specified
> to be 12.5 X 960. 

strange, isn't it?  My fiche specifies 9.5 x 800 for the alternator.  My
new dealer belt came in at 9.5 x 850.  that's a bit long.

Well, my other belt snapped last night, so in I go.  Not enough
adjustment room to mount the belt, so i had to kludge a custom
adjustment bracket, still only got another inch, maybe, and the belt is
a little loose, not horrible though.  rides nice and high in the pulley,
the "teeth" won't be tearing themselves up in the tip of the "V".  idles
at 12v but jumps right up whenever I give it any gas.

Now all I need to do is get a *good* belt in the *right* size and
install it...

Huw Powell, getting very proficient at swapping alternator belts!