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Re: Radiator Stop Leak??


There used to be a product calls Barr's Stop Leak, or something similar.  I
used it years ago, with amazing results, on a 5KT.  I sold the car a couple
of years at least after putting it in, and the leak never returned.  I even
flushed the system once, and the leak didn't return.  I was impressed.  

The leak was past the head gasket, if I recall correctly.  Before the
treatment, it was blowing a lot of steam.  Pretty impressive ( the steam
and the treatment).

I wouldn't use it in my urQ, but the old 5KT was rather well past its prime
so I figured I didn't have much to lose.


At 02:49 PM 9/3/98 PDT, Geoff Brumback wrote:
>Ok...as per my earlier post I have a leak in my Heater Core.  Thanks to 
>a thoughtful lister's advice I have disconnected the core from the lines 
>and bridged them together to stop the leak and repressurize the coolant 
>Now, my father has given me the advice of using a good brand of radiator 
>stop leak to hopefully cure the core's leaks.  Does anyone know if this 
>is possible, or a good idea (i.e. won't clog up the coolant system)?  
>And if so what is the recomendation of the group for a product.  As 
>usual, any help is greatly appreciated.  I have only owned this car for 
>4 months and have already spent more time under the hood than I did in 
>the 8 years I owned my '75 Camaro.
>Geoff Brumback
>Owner: 1988 Audi 80
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