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Re: A4 owners wanted (wood trim) REPOST

LL Tek also sells different styles of the wood, carbon fiber, colored,
aluminum inserts for the A4, their glossy wood is most likely cheaper than
going to the dealer.  They have a 13 piece kit that comes in carbon fiber,
Mahogany wood look (which may means it's fake) and Aluminum for $239.  They
have a 21 piece kit in 20 different colors and wood styles for $389.  Call
them and ask for a catalog, they have some nice pictures of the trim in there.

Better yet, post on the Quattro List, the A4.org forum and the A4.org
classifieds, and offer to buy their old wood once they upgrade to the carbon
fiber trim.  I know that lots of people are thinking about buying the carbon
interior pieces, and if you offer to purchase their old wood pieces for, say
$175, they would most likely go for it and buy themselves the carbon kit right
away.  I'm sure there is someone somewhere who's already done the carbon
upgrade and has a wood kit just sitting in their garage.  

Another idea is to have LL Tek give you the names of anyone who buys a kit
from them, and then you will know who has a set lying around their garage.
You will have to offer LL Tek a finder's fee I'm sure.

Heck, if I had the wood in my 1.8t, I would sell it to you in a heartbeat and
buy the carbon kit for my car.  But i'm sure you don't want the aluminum from
the 1.8t.

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