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RE: to use or not to use stop leak, is there a good brand of stop leak? is there a good execution method? RE: Radiator Stop Leak??

It's only the beginning..............you will spend more time with your car
than you could ever imagine...........older Audis are like that.......
As for the stop leak, my suggestion is to stay away from it, it will clog up
the cooling passages and reduce your cooling performance,

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Ok...as per my earlier post I have a leak in my Heater Core.  Thanks to
a thoughtful lister's advice I have disconnected the core from the lines
and bridged them together to stop the leak and repressurize the coolant

Now, my father has given me the advice of using a good brand of radiator
stop leak to hopefully cure the core's leaks.  Does anyone know if this
is possible, or a good idea (i.e. won't clog up the coolant system)?
And if so what is the recomendation of the group for a product.  As
usual, any help is greatly appreciated.  I have only owned this car for
4 months and have already spent more time under the hood than I did in
the 8 years I owned my '75 Camaro.

Geoff Brumback
Owner: 1988 Audi 80

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