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Fw: headroom in '90-'91 qc

If I recall, the designers lowered the Coupe's roofline below the sedan's by
an inch and a half to make it look rakish.  Take another look and you'll see
that the roof is quite flat, too.  I'm 6'3" and fit perfectly, thanks to a
short torso and long legs.   ...which reminds me of an Alfa I once owned
that was ideal for your average gorilla with long arms and short legs.

Nick Bean
'90 CQ 20V et. al.

>Has anyone figured out a way to gain about a half inch of headroom in a
>'90-'91 qc or other models?
>I'm considering replacing my '85 5ks 5spd with a newer Audi product, most
>likely one with the Quattro.  This past weekend I checked out a very clean
>'90 qc here in the Chicago area.
>One key problem I encountered was fit:  my head brushed the ceiling too
>much.  It had the sunroof and Audi's sport seats. (Were the sport seats
>standard in the qc?)  I didn't bump into it constantly, but often enough
>that I thought it would be annoying as an owner.  If I could gain half an
>inch I would fit.
>I don't have this problem in my '85 5ks because it has no sunroof!  It's
>only one I've seen without one.  Were any '90-'91 coupes sold in this
>country without sunroofs?  My Dad's '89 200q has the sunroof and sport seat
>option; I have just barely enough room in it, but it would be better with
>half an inch more.
>I'm not a giant--only 6'4"--and with the ubiquity of sunroofs, it seems
>too many great cars are out of my consideration set because of headroom.
>What to do?
>1985 5ks