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Parts Microfiche

I was at a friendly dealer's yesterday.  The conversation seemed to be
going along just fine, so I asked if they had any old parts microfiche
for the Passat.  They produced a large box containing a stack of fiche
about nine inches high, and we started going through them.  After five
minutes or so, we were creating a fair disturbance at the parts
counter and the manager suggested this was not a good use of our time.

"After all, they're only a couple of pounds each".


"Hang on.  GBP1.80, to be exact.  Plus VAT.


"Want me to order you a copy?"

   "Duh???  _YES_!!!!"

I don't know if policies have changed - but he had the microfiche
catalogue out in a flash and we ordered a new ur-quattro parts fiche and
a Passat parts fiche.  A complete copy of the parts price list for July
1997 also managed to stick to my dirty little fingers.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 01536 723021
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