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Re: Fire-ext. source (limited Audi Content)

Todd Phenneger <phen9461@uidaho.edu> sez:
> I am looking for a high quality fire extinguisher to mount in the
> passenger footwell of my 4kq.  I have seen some car type units that looked
> fine but they all had cheesy brackets made of plastic.  I would liek to
> find a HD unit that has an Aluminum or similar bracket that I can mount
> on the Tranny tunnel or the floor right in front of the passenger seat.
> Any ideas of a source would be helpful and of course, price is a concern
> so I cant spend $100 on the thing.  Thanks and sorry for the BW on a
> topic of such little Audi Content.  Thanks

You're not alone.  Anyone wanting to play seriously on the track will
probably run into the same problem of needing a metal bracket.  

Also many sanctioning organizations will require or recommend
Halon, which is hard to come by these days - due to ozone concerns I guess -
but infinitely better for your interior or engine than chemicals.  Be aware,
though, that Halon is sub-optimal for humans to breath - I think it's even
mildly toxic.

You can get them from some racer supply places, but they'll charge you a
good bit for them - over $100 for a 2.5lb Halon bottle.

What I did was open the yellow pages and call some local fire extinguisher
sales places.  I finally found one that had some 2.5lb Halon extinguishers
still sitting on the shelf with plastic brackets, and they found a metal
bracket (they all seem to mount the same way) and threw that in.  I think it
ended up costing me $50 or something.

As usual, YMMV, but a little research can go along way...


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