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Re: team door handle

 -=> Quoting Mhliggins <=-

 Mh> getting to the outside door handles......
 Mh> To get the parts changed you're going to take the inside panel off
 Mh> the  door,

 Co> Not really. >>

 Mh> OK.  So how do YOU get the inner door handle changed out without
 Mh> removing the door panel?

     This thread has been specific to the outside door
     handle, on a listers recently aquired 1984 5KS.
     These are the black handles with the chrome sliver,
     NOT the later flush mounted door handles (as on my
     1990 V8Q.)  I've even repaired the inside door handle
     on th 5KS without removing the door panel, as you can
     remove the platic cover behind the inside door handle
     (one philips screw) and get access to the linkage,
     hinge etc.

     If you were referring to the flush mounted handle, you
     are correct, there is no way to get the fillister
     screw, lock clip and circlip off without taking the door
     apart (unless you're houdini.) But the flush mounted handles
     are a much better design (for longevity, anyway), which were
     "upgraded" to a different lock operating lever setup because
     the original pot metal levers were breaking. BTDT


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