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Re: TT in T.O.

Rusnak Porsche/Audi/BMW is having an affair (staff only) to roll  out the
99's.  I think it's this weekend.  They are right off the 101 at Westlake.
Maybe related?

At 11:16 AM 9/4/98 -0700, Kurowski, Shane wrote:
>Hey all, on the sighting bit... was southbound on rt. 23 in Thousand
>Oaks, Ca at 6pm last night... northbound was a TT - blackish/blue, kinda
>hard to tell. I thought it was a new beetle at first from a distance... 
>My wife can't understand how I can pick out cars like this while driving
>down a busy highway. Wish I had somewhere to turn around then, would
>have loved to catch up to it.
>Shane Kurowski