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Re: Koni yellow adjustment

Michael Veglia decided to speak these words:

>Is it worded as a "caution"? Could the wording mean "you may never get it
>exactly right"? I can't imagine Koni would sell these as adjustable with an
>adjustment range that goes beyond normal operating parameters. I know I would
>be a bit upset with our engineers (as a Technical Service Manager) if they
>pulled that on one of our products. I can't imagine a company like Koni doing
>that. OTOH, they are productes intended for installation by experienced
>technicians so ya never know. What does 2Bennett say? (Since you're using
>their coil overs they should have an idea as well.) You say the car handles
>great so I wouldn't worry too much about it. HTH

Well, this is the exact wording: "Attention: Shock absorbers may never be 
fully adjusted"

Thats what it says, there are so many possible meanings for it, i really 
wish they were a bit more clear.

As for 2B, i am starting to have less and less faith in them.  They keep 
saying to just set the konis at full stiff, i dont think that is the 
right way to go.  Now that i hve the externally adjustable ones, i will 
be able to find out for sure...

I will let you all know.


Michael Sheridan Williams
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