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Re: Brake Caliper Lacquer/Foliatec

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From: Mark L. Chang <mchang@ece.nwu.edu>
>This includes the Foliatec Brake Caliper Lacquer for $47.95 including
>lacquer color of your choice, plus spray cleaner (I'm assuming she meant
>brake caliper cleaner).
The kit contains an aerosol of calliper cleaner, a can of coloured lacquer
and a can of hardener. Clean the callipers really well (remove _all_ road
dirt, brake dust and rust) then use the aerosol of cleaner. When the cleaner
has dried, mix the lacquer and hardener together and apply to the callipers.
Its recommended to mask bleed nipples and the like, but I find that its much
better to strip the callipers completely.
A reasonable finish can be achieved but do not apply the lacquer too thickly
as it runs and forms curtains very easily.

Jim Haseltine