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85 coupe gt questions

Hello everyone.  I just bought an 85 coupe gt and I need to fix some
things.  I just have a few questions for now.  
First, it kinda chugs in low rpm's and doesnt seem to accelerate as
fast as it should.  And I have to let it warm up for a few minutes
when I start it up.  If I try to rev it up before then it wants to die
on me.  My neighbor told me that it had a differend kind of fuel
injection system, and I dont know if this is what is causing it to
accelerate slow.  Does anyone know what would make it chug in low
rpm's, or why I have to warm it up for a few minutes?  
I've been thinking that it coudl be dirty fuel injectors so I'm gonna
clean em out with some stuff this weekend and put a new fuel filter on
it.  Hopefully that will help.  
Second, my spedomotoer cable is bad.  Can anyone tell me how to
replace it?  I have no idea how to.  
Thanks for your help everyone.  

Dan Murphy
Murphs VW Tech Tips And More
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