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Re: 85 coupe gt questions

Dan Murphy decided to speak these words:

>accelerate slow.  Does anyone know what would make it chug in low
>rpm's, or why I have to warm it up for a few minutes?  

This sounds lik the fuse for the fuel injection is gone.  It would be in 
what looks like a secondary row of fuses that would appear to be spares.  
If you look closely, i think its position 22 or 24 or something, then 
youw ill see that it has connectors.  Try checking that and seeing if 
that makes a difference.

>Second, my spedomotoer cable is bad.  Can anyone tell me how to
>replace it?  I have no idea how to.  

Im not sure specifically how, but it will attach to the tranny in an 
obvious place, you cansee it come from the firewall and down to the 
tranny.  open up the instrument cluster:  there are 4 screws in the 
plastic panel at the front of the cluster, if you look carefully you can 
see them, remove those, then pull the plastic "frame" foward.  Then once 
you do that, lift off the black cover, it is flexible so its ok to bend 
it to lift it out, then youcan look behind the cluster itself and see the 
speedo cable.  Check to see  if its even connected.  There is the 
possibility that it simply slipped off of the gear...


Michael Sheridan Williams
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