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Re: Windshield from junkyard, Re: team door handle

Having recently replaced the small quarter window on the right side,
I've got a little experience with these things--but I wouldn't care to
do a windshield. The Bentley does show you how to do it, and though I
didn't really look at the windshield job, I believe they say it's a two
person job to get it out. 

If you do go the professional route, you might get any needed clips and
such from the dealer, since (in my experience) the auto glass shop will
not bother to. They seem to believe in that urethane adhesive as a
replacement for just about everything.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 149k

G. Benedikt Rochow wrote:
> Questions:
> How is the windshield attached on this car?
> (I fully expect to hear that it's glued with Uhu, and anything
> but Uhu will dissolve the glass :)
> - and of course
> How do I remove it
>   - with minumum damage to the rest of the car?
>   - with no damage to the windshield - at the junkyard, no less?
> Assuming no unusual tools are required, is it at all
> realistic to attempt installing it by oneself, being
> a layman on that particular topic?
> thanks,
> -gbr