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Audi dealer has broke

>     the vast majority of the respondents with dealer
>     experience chose tooth extraction as their reply.

My local Audi/Porsche/VW dealer (Ed Carrol for you Northern Coloradoans) is
pretty good, IMHO. I've heard good things about them from other people as
well, save one person. She complained that they couldn't set the timing on
her 20v sedan correctly. I dunno what that's about, but it needed two CV
joints, the brake fluid looked black as used engine oil, and the car didn't
look very happy. So who knows what she's talking about.

I also hear good things about Prestiege Imports, MB, Porsche, Audi, in
Denver. I have also been told to avoid any other Audi dealer in Denver,
however! Champagne Motors seems pretty good, but overpriced, Audi reseller.
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