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Re: Windshield from junkyard, Answer

If anyone is interested, I have been through the 5000/100, etc. windshield
problem many times since I have brought back many Audi's headed to the junk
yard.  In my experience, the only way to remove the above mentioned
windshields is by a professional who has what is called an Equalizer.  It
looks like a reciprocating saw with a shield over the blade.  Since I found a
person in this hick town with one have removed and installed several of same
windshields. Up till then the only ones removed with success were windshields
that had been replaced  before and were held in only by the old rope kits.
Watched the brilliant idiots at one junk yard break four in one hour one day
with me telling them to be careful on the bottom corners.  The person I use
now even saves the chrome and rubber molding which saves about $90 and he only
charges $60 to cut one out and install.  

Joe Thompson
Home of the carp bowl