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Re: subarooo note

Brooks Ellis wrote:
> I think subaru makes some interesting, maybe even cool (gasp!) cars, but I
> don't think they imported or sold many of the neat ones over here, in the US.
> In my experience, conventional wisdom says 'Subaru = grandma car, grocery
> getter, boring, and definatly NOT performance'.
> .. And, it just so happens, both my MOM and my GRANDMA have a subarooo. And
> they drive like they own one, too. So, it's a well deserved reputation, IMO.
> brooks          -fort collins/laporte area, n. colorado, USA-
> [ brooks@frii.com    '89.5 200Q @ 1.8    S&W Sigma 9F 17+1 ]

Does anybody know somebody (anybody) who owned one ???  I remember seeing 2 or
maybe three of them total and thought, "those windows suck, if the A/C goes out
you are screwed", being from Texas.    I though they were cool but the price
was sooo high.