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Re: Smoke Machine / insect repellant (83 5kT)

In message <> Charles L Depenning writes:

> Where do you suppose I could find this 'especially depressing' tool?

I don't think this answer is going to be much use to you, but it will
go into the archives for general rememberance ...

a) Attach frame VAG 2036 to top of head (using cam cover studs?)

Then turn each cylinder in turn to TDC on the firing stroke (?) and:

b) Screw air hose VAG 653/3 into the spark plug hole and apply 6 bar
   continuous air pressure.

c) Lock lever VAG 541/1 under frame and depress spring to remove

d) Use VAG 3047A to remove old valve stem seal.

 Phil Payne
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