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I totalled my Coupe today.

This afternoon I had a car accident.  My Coupe 
is totalled.  I am fortunately not too injured.
I have a welt from the seatbelt across my chest 
and hips, which tore my skin a bit in the tender 
hip area.  My keys apparently tore up my right 
knee pretty good.  I have a bump on my left 
shin, and my right ankle is sore from trying to 
step on the brakes really hard, then crashing. 

I guess I don't want to talk about the details 
at this moment.

My insurance was only liability, so my Coupe is 
a loss.  I am a bit sad, as you can imagine.  It 
did a great job of keeping my girlfriend and I 
from getting injured worse.

The front is smashed, and the right quarter panel 
is caved in, from spinning around and hitting the 
other car.  The window at that corner blew out.
My a/c compressor broke off and was sitting on the 
ground.  The oil filter was broken off and
The steering wheel was really loose while I sat in 
the car waiting for the emergency services to show 

I had it taken to the impound yard, as I didn't 
really know what to do, and can't bring it home to 
the apartment.  I would like to keep certain parts 
for my quattro if they are not destroyed.

Does anyone know of any place where I can store
vehicle in the Mesa, Arizona area, while I get my
together?  I may be able to pull my q out of the
park it in the covered carport, and put have the
brought over to the garage.  I may use the head if
can in the 4ksq, since that is the suspected
the q doesn't run.

This is a very sad time.  I welcome any prayers
has for me.

Thanks for reading.