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Re: I totalled my Coupe today.

I think I can speak for everyone here in saying that if it comes down to
the well being of a Q-lister or his/her Audi, we'd take the Q-lister.  If
I even so much as get flamed for that remark, then maybe we all need to
step away from the keyboard for a moment and think about what's REALLY
important in life.  A car can be replaced, a life cannot.  I'm glad to
hear both of you are safe.  

`86 CGT

On Sat, 05 Sep 1998 19:00:01 -0700 Ken Keith <auditude@impulsedata.net>
>This afternoon I had a car accident.  My Coupe 
>is totalled.  I am fortunately not too injured.
>I have a welt from the seatbelt across my chest 
>and hips, which tore my skin a bit in the tender 
>hip area.  My keys apparently tore up my right 
>knee pretty good.  I have a bump on my left 
>shin, and my right ankle is sore from trying to 
>step on the brakes really hard, then crashing. 
>I guess I don't want to talk about the details 
>at this moment.
>My insurance was only liability, so my Coupe is 
>a loss.  I am a bit sad, as you can imagine.  It 
>did a great job of keeping my girlfriend and I 
>from getting injured worse.
>The front is smashed, and the right quarter panel 
>is caved in, from spinning around and hitting the 
>other car.  The window at that corner blew out.
>My a/c compressor broke off and was sitting on the 
>ground.  The oil filter was broken off and
>The steering wheel was really loose while I sat in 
>the car waiting for the emergency services to show 
>I had it taken to the impound yard, as I didn't 
>really know what to do, and can't bring it home to 
>the apartment.  I would like to keep certain parts 
>for my quattro if they are not destroyed.
>Does anyone know of any place where I can store
>vehicle in the Mesa, Arizona area, while I get my
>together?  I may be able to pull my q out of the
>park it in the covered carport, and put have the
>brought over to the garage.  I may use the head if
>can in the 4ksq, since that is the suspected
>the q doesn't run.
>This is a very sad time.  I welcome any prayers
>has for me.
>Thanks for reading.