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Re: Window regulator?

Hi Paul,

    Fully agree, be careful w/the wiring and you should have a very easy time
getting things in order. It's also a good time to clean out the bottom of the
door so it can "breath" freely, add some good rust remover primer - NB! - only
to the interior bottom, give all mechanicals a good clean and lube, don't forget
the window "U" channel that the glass rides in - you'd be surprised how smoothly
the windows will flow in their channels. While you're there be sure to lube the
door handle mechanisms as well...might save you repair/replacement of notorious
items - Volvo must get their's from the same "manufacturer". And last but not
least the contacts and switches in handle itself. Also give consideration to
upgrading the original "vapour" barrier that protects you against thermal drafts
that tend to crop up as the vehicle gets older. This is especially noticeable to
us northern folk around the end of January.

    A last thought :-) especially if this is the driver's door, check for
abrasion of wiring harness as it exits door on its' way into interior of car.
I've rebuilt more than one
harness that caused all kinds of permanent or intermitant(sp?) faults. After
inspecting / repairing this harness, use a strong, yet flexible silicone
shield - no snikkering - to keep friction to a minimum to prevent further

Just a few thoughts that came to mind.

regards, tayo
ps. just noted date you sent out; apologies for delay