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Re: 85 CGT air filter replacement.

In message <35F1FD03.287C6D33@nh.ultranet.com> Huw Powell writes:

> > Allrightey, another question for ya'll.  How do I replace my air
> > filter on my 85 Coupe GT?  I know where it is but the intake assembly
> > is attached to it.  Do I have to remove this or can I just take it off
> > with the top of the air filter?
> Yeah, undo the clips, loosen the intake boot hose clamps, kinda twist
> and bend things gently a bit and you can *probably* feed the new air
> filter in a few pleats at a time.  If anything seems to be straining too
> hard, disconnect it.  The FI lines should be ok.

First time I did the ur-quattro I studied the problem for half an hour
and then removed the fuel injection system.

Second time I did it the 'official' way, by pulling the front right
headlight and doing it through there.

Third time I did it the way I did it the first time.  It's not much
slower than the second way, you get a good chance to give the air
box a real cleanout, and popping one bolt lets you lift the air box
out and check all the exhaust studs with a mirror.

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