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Re: v-belts, some fond memmories from a wrinkled brain...

>     The bottom line is that the belt must match the characteristics of the
> pulley in which it rides. In general that means the belt rides along the outside
> edge of the pulley, ie. flush with the circumference of pulley - if it isn't at
> the top now, where will it sit once the belt has stretched and climatized ? ;
> also it's NB that the belt sides touch both walls of the pulley seat evenly on
> it's way down, and it should keep that 'friction angle' as it is adjusted for
> tension. If not the belt will destroy itself in very short time with possible
> damage to other components.

Thanks for the informative post, confirming a few things I have been
learning slowly...

The dealer belt I have tossed in, which was too long and even with my
kludged adj. bracket is not as tight as it should be, is already
outperforming the Dayco's I tore through.

Can't wait to get the powder coated brackets I made (with tension
adjusting teeth added to one) back so I can mount the new ContiTech I
picked up (in the right length...).

Huw Powell


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