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Re: steering wheel cv's?????


If your CV joints were bad, you'd know it everytime you took a sharp
turn!  Click, click, click, click!  Check your wheel alignment and
balance first.  Either that, or the steering damper isn't working
anymore.  But see what the other Q-listers say first.  I hope this helps.


`86 CGT
`82 Coupe (R.I.P.)

On Sun, 6 Sep 1998 08:36:29 -0400 lowz@juno.com (rm mcaleer) writes:
>Hey all,
>I have an Audi 4000 ('84) and it has a problem. The car rides fine, 
>but once you get the car up to 75 or higher, the steering wheel starts 
>to violently shake.  It does not affect the handling of the car, but I 
>don't want to chance it.  We think it might be the CV joints, but we 
>are not sure.  Can you help me???  And if it is the CV joints, or a 
>problem that will have to be fixed using parts, could anyone tell me 
>of a good place to buy parts in the Atlanta area??  Thanks ahead of 
>time for any answers/comments you may have.  Thanks again.
>"84 Audi 4000
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