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URQ- blue smoke

MY 83 URQ has been smoking-alot- not on, but just after, start up - billows of 
blue smoke. It take about five minutes to go away. First noted rarely about a 
year ago, then occasionally, now constantly. The car has just had new valve 
guides (and lifters) done for excessive oil use, which has resolved that 
problem, but the smoke problem has gotten worse since then(still without 
detectable oil consumption). From what I know this would fit the description of 
a turbo oil seal failure. Is there anyway to know for sure? The car has an MC 
motor, with about 115K on it, and runs really strong with the original URQ 
injection, turbo and electronics (chipped). If this is the problem, is it a DYI 
type job (assuming basic workshop manual reading and wrenching skills)? Thanks 
in advance for all your responses.  Rob Greene