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RE: Where's the label?

> I am in the process of moving back to California from Arizona.  4 years
> ago I
> bought a '87CSTQ from a fellow who moved here and had originally purchased
> the
> car in CA.  Having lived in CA before and knowing that if the car was/is
> not
> CA certified for emissions you get hit with a stiff cost when trying to
> register the vehicle.  I can't find the certification label under the hood
> anywhere.  I have seen this on other vehicles I have owned.  Any clues?
... is there no emissions tag under the hood?  I bought a car in NV that was
the same way ... I think some people take advantage of the fact that the car
doesn't need the tag and use it to save someone $300 when bringing a non CA
emissions car into the state.  If you know for a fact that it was originally
sold in CA and met CA emissions, then you can take it to a dealer (probably
one in CA) and they can send a request for new tags to AoA.  It worked for
me.  The dealer has to install the tags on the car ... they won't give them
to you to put on.  If you ar emoving to CA soon then you are likely to have
to pay the $300 ... but the DMV will refund it when you can prove that the
car was specified to meet CA emissions.  

BTW, if you have a car that was brought into the stat earlier and someone
paid the smog tax ... then you took it out of state and brought it back ...
you get to pay the smog tax again!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)