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Re: subaroo note

C'mon folks - the SVX was cool, but the half-windows, pricing and "styling"
made it a non-starter.

I looked at a Legacy GT Limited. Automatic standard. Go back a trim level
to get manual and add options and you end up at US$25K.. for a Sube?
Quality is just not there. Not a terrible car (sis-in-law has one) but the
trim level esp. sucks. Closer to Hyundai.

PS - Is it only me who is troubled by the Imprezza's lack of a folding rear
seat? Love to have the WRX, but I'm sure it will be "boy-racer" trim-level

Steve P - 98.5 A4TQMS - 97 Passat GLX - 94 Kawa ZG1000