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Re: Laser

Oh, I think laser is here to stay.  As companies like Geico, etc. start to
subsidize the guns, more and more states and county gov't will get them,
perhaps even local police.  The MD state troopers (the damn state budget
must be 50% speeding revenue!!!) have them all over.

Only positive for drivers is that they must be used in good weather and have
to be stationary.  I know NJ didn't allow them at first (I believe they are
used now) because the attorney for the people trying to get it banned (I
guess the prosecution) showed that if the gun is moved while it is being
used (ie: shooting a car) it will give a false read.  The gun said that the
courtroom wall was moving at 5 mph! So if you get hit with laser by a guy
holding it like a pistol or rifle, "perhaps" he moved while shooting you?!

'96 A4q
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From: Steve Patriquen <spatric1@maine.rr.com>
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Date: Monday, September 07, 1998 9:26 AM
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>IMHO, laser speed guns are actually a good thing, because they require so
>much input from the user to aim, etc. At least I am getting a ticket I
>deserve (not some X-band radar reading a truck behind me).
>I also predict Laser will not stick around, except in areas where speed
>enforcement is a priority and money maker I guess CT and OH fit in there.
>Here in Maine (USA), the state police have more to do than just write
>speeding tickets (which they also do). They have a few laser units (gifts)
>that they play with. (The first time my laser detector went off, I tried to
>answer my cellphone - almost the same tone :-)
>But the setup to use laser is much tougher than radar. The radar unit is
>fixed outside the driver's door on SP cars. They just park, toggle it on,
>and do paperwork until the alarm (10 mph over) goes off. Laser is either
>outside the car, or balance on the window edge, you need clear
>line-of-sight..etc. Anyone seen laser used at night? From a moving car? Can
>they be left "on" constantly? Or must the user select a vehicle to target?
>I think a few years from now, laser detectors and defenses will be better,
>and laser guns will fade into history. Wishfull thinking?
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