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Audi Blue-Print In Classified 2000

did anyone see this? It is a blue print of the 79 Coupe/Ur Quattro for 
sale that looks as if it might look quite nice framed, found in 
Classified ads 2000 under Audi Cars..Looks kind of 
interesting..www.classifieds2000.com :

                              BLUEPRINT of the all time great AUDI 80 
COUPE,depicting the car is 4 views in scale ca. 1/10. The print measures 
ca. 60 x 85 cm or 23.5 x 33". It looks to be the homologation drawing 
which was filed with the German authorities. The low res scan you see 
doesn't do the print much justice but cuts down on download time. This 
print will look great when framed! The buyer prepays 25.00+ S&H. 
Seller Info

                              User ID: blueprint79
                              View seller's other ads
                              For sale by Private Party
                              Amsterdam, Europe - Other 1108

Just thought someone would be interested...
nick meyers




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