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Re: 252 foot pound error

You are looking for about 330 ft. lbs. without tool 2079.
P.S. I also stood 2 feet out on a cheater bar, but I weigh more than

Daniel Gervais wrote:
> Two weekends ago I completed some work on my 86 coupe ( chg timing belt
> ...) during wich I had to tighten the crankshaft 29 mm nut to 252 foot
> pound torque, the way I did it was to extend my 1/2 inch torque bar with an
> extension to give about two feet from wich I basically sat on (140
> lbs*2=280 foot pound) !! .
> I though that with 280 foot pound this would be sufficient. However I
> re-read my bently and it says 252 foot pound with their extension tool
> 2079. (wich I read somewhere on the net is 18 inches long) depending on the
> length on your original torque wrench this could double the real applied
> torque to the bolt, so my question is , what is the real final torque
> applied to this bolt ??