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Re: subarooo note

My best friends parents have a Subaru Legacy Sport Turbo.  There were not
many of these around, a little more than the SVX) but not many and most of
them were Autos.  I believe in Europe you could get it with a higher HP
moter with more boost, basically a pre-WRX motor as far as the specs go.
Had like 222 hp.  THe model in the US has 162 hp.  

DIffers from normal Generation 1 legacy with hood scoop and entirely
different front end.  Stiffer shocks and springs, sport seats, rear
spoiler with integral brake light I think, turbo and larger brakes.  Also
had a limited slip rear differential in addition to the AWD.  This was
main reason they got the turbo since they need all the help they can get.  

CAr is refined and fast.  Turbo is small so start to pull around 2,500.
Never gets going like it is capable of but pulls very strongly.  Handles a
bit like a 4kq but I personally think the 4kq is much better balanced.
Subaru is a little twitchy at the limit.  Not fun at 9/10ths put great up
to 8/10ths.  Steering feel is pretty bad and notchy shifter still.

R&T did a report on this car in an issue in like 1990 that had the S2/BMW
M3 Evo/and the Mercedes 190 EVO.   Recorded an 8 sec 0-60 and like a 130
top speed.  

ANy how, great car but not as fun as my 4kq.  Would make a good reliable
Daily driver though if you are into that.  Modifiable if you look around
and reletively cheap.  Best car I think they have imported yet except
maybe the 2.5GT that was mentioned below.  That car looks fun but have not
driven it yet.  L8R

From: Virtual Bob <h93young@creighton.edu>
>I dunno about that...Subaru made a turbo AWD coupe(SVX I think was the
>name.)  Combine the turbo, low to the ground, wide, light, and
>much all the right stuff.  Don't know how quick they are though.  I
>it's nothing spectacular...

Or that very weird X10 (?). AWD, turbo, very wedgy to the max (as far as
production car can go).
SVX wasn't a big seller. It was a GT than a sport car. I bet it was the
high price that killed it. The Guigiro(?) styling was somewhat neat at the
time. But I don't think anyone was ready to spend that much for a Subaru.
And the sad thing was that it only came in auto, too.                          

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