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bitch, bitch, bitch (grin)

>From: four.rings@MCIONE.com
>Subject: A trendy office gear
>Somebody wrote:
>> >Seller, an "Auto Broker!", marched out of his office wearing a
>> >headset and wireless phone - he's an Important Guy, see...
>Huw remarked:
>> Hey, I resemble that remark!
>I do too - sez I while typing with both hands AND at the same time
>troubleshooting over the phone the CIS on a friend's 5000s.
>Igor Kessel

Sigh - sometimes ya just can't win. I'm the somebody who wrote the comment
about the Important Dude with the headset - now I've P.O.ed two valued
members of the list.

I don't want to confuse cause and effect here - some people wear headsets
because what they are doing IS important (airline pilots come to mind, for
instance), while other people wear headsets because they want to LOOK
important. The "Important Guy" I met definitely fell firmly and solidly
into the second category.

Audi content: 89 200 offered in local paper for $5,400, 110K miles, didn't
say which tranny or if quattro - did say "Cost $40,000 new!" Any interest,
I'll send phone number. Car is in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Best Regards,

Mike (no headset unless I'm flying) Arman