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Re: 1936 AU racer spotted on Speedvision

I was referring to them as well.  I didn't see Hans Stuck on the show.  I
have a video where he talks about being lectured by one of his engineers as
(phonetically) "Schtucky"....

At 04:09 AM 9/8/1998 ,  Phil Payne was inspired to say:
>  > I just watched the show and I never knew that Emmanuel Pirro's (nifty web
>  > site: www.pirro.com) father was an Audi driver in the 30s.  Frank
Biela was
>  > there taking a cell phone call whilst in cockpit.  No "Schtucky"
>  He wasn't, as far as I know.  I was referring to Hans and Joachim Stuck.

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